A private oasis in the heart of Madison. You'll be wowed by this unique and spacious 4 bd/3ba ranch on nearly a half acre of wooded land.  Watch spring flowers bloom from the glass-encased, 4-season sunroom. Gorgeous 2-sided stone fireplace divides living rm from add'l family rm. Entertain friends in the formal dining rm, casual dining area in the recently remodeled kitchen or BBQ for them on the decks. Lower level provides another casual living space with wdburning stove, 2 lrg bdrms, a 3rd full bath and plenty of storage and stairs to garage. Homes in this area of Madison rarely come on the market. Don't miss the lovely park around the corner. 

Priced at $489,900  (priced below recent appraisal)
Call Lori Morrissey for a showing today at 608-381-4804 !


Wow!!! The house is really nice and I really like the construction which is located in the beautiful location. The design of the house is unique from other houses which is simply superb. I really want to buy this house.

02/28/2017 11:38pm

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Such a nice house in middle of the forest and trees.. Please keep us posted regarding these kind of homes!


This is actually a beautiful and spacious house. We can also watch the flowers bloom outside. I think it is a very comfortable house. It feels so warm. I also love its color. The price is not that bad for this beautiful and big house. I hope you can have an open house. Thank you for sharing this.

03/01/2017 10:39pm

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