High quality investment property! First time on the market. Great combination of steady rental income, low operating expenses and low maintenance. Eight total units made up of two buildings with four units each. All units are spacious, 2bedroom/1bath with one car garage. Own laundry in each unit. These units are never empty for more than a month. Across from park and within walking distance to downtown Belmont. Clean, well-kept units.
Address: 106-208 Park St, Belmont, WI
Priced at $499,900

For more information or to set up a showing, call Matt Morrissey at 608-669-3921 or email Matt@HouseReward.com


04/26/2016 5:54pm

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12/08/2016 6:13am

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Incredible mix of unfaltering rental salary, low working costs and low upkeep. Eight aggregate units made up of two structures with four units each.

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02/03/2017 12:42pm

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