2107 Kilkenny Trail, Waunakee sold this week for $675,000.

HouseReward.com is happy to report homes do sell around the holidays.  Many are job relocations but keep in mind, there are always buyers on the lookout for a wonderful property.  Don't be afraid to listing your home, especially in January!  Lots of people are ready for a change after the holidays. 
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01/05/2015 12:22am

I think in $675,000 this will be reasonable to take. Many are now looking for a property, but they will now satisfy in this land and location I am satisfied. I first consider the location if this is near and accessible to all of us possible to deal with it.

11/20/2015 10:13am

I know for a fact that it is possible to make a sale whenever you want to have one. It all boils down to positive thinking really. I believe in the saying that you will attract what you think. And it won't hurt a real estate agent to equip his or her skills by taking additional courses on real estate and its related topics. This way, he or she can answer the inquiries of a potential client in the most informed manner.

03/02/2016 7:21am

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05/19/2016 1:55am

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04/20/2017 5:50am

This is a good deal. I'm curious what is the present price?


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