Right in the heart of Madison.... Congrats to the new owner of 4321 Windflower who closed on this wonderful little cottage on Friday!  



05/29/2015 7:21am

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05/17/2017 5:56am

That's actually the cutest little house I've ever seen. If only I knew about this blog of yours sooner, I would've actually bought that. This is probably my type of house. Thanks for sharing this cute little house. I hope you could offer some more type of house just like this because I've been searching for a house for my friend. So, I look forward to your future articles.


Oh my friend bought this house and it truly beautiful! It is not really that small though but it is really pretty! I think I am going to have a house like this one day too!

02/24/2017 5:29am

Blooming tree is a great plus. Your eyes would enjoy the window view.


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10/10/2017 11:52am

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