Madison/Waunakee Friends!  
Come join the fun this Saturday night at the American Legion.  There will be delicious food and lots of good music. 
Help support the Waunakee Neighborhood Connection reach it's goal for the new facility.  We're almost there!
Dinner from 5-8pm
Music and dancing from 7-10pm
Tickets can be purchased at the door, the WNC store, website: www.waunakeeneighborhoodconnection.com and Blowing Smoke BBQ.

Hope to see you there!



To be successful and to part of it are two different things. If are successful and still we are not free enough to enjoy it than that success is of no importance. It is education which teaches you how to manage work and time.

12/03/2017 12:32pm

Waunakee is one of the best and the most fun places in the world where people can go and enjoy themselves. In this blog, there's invitation by the blogger to go to Waunakee to enjoy this day.


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