This week, I came across this lovely cottage that is close to everything.  The home boasts a fireplace, screened porch, garage and a cozy firepit area in the backyard.  Walk to Maple Bluff's great beach. Call and let's go look at it today!  273 Kensington Drive.



09/07/2016 5:42pm

This cottage looks quiet homey and it is cute. So is it up for renting? I might take my kids there next summer.

10/10/2017 9:53pm

It's always been a dream of mine to have a vacation in Maple Bluff. It might sound so shallow, but chilling is part of my system and I consider Maple Bluff as a perfect place to do it. It's kind of small, which is in accordance with my preference! Some people might not find this appealing, but I think they still need to reconsider having a vacation here. I am sure it's going to be worth it once they get the chance to be her. Together with my friends, we are already scheduling our trip here!

06/13/2017 8:46pm

Aside from the actual beach itself, Maple Bluff is known to have unique and big cottages. That's why I felt surprised when I saw this photo. It's really cute! Its size sets that cottages apart from the usual, and I'm sure people are getting crazy about it. I am wondering what's inside it. Well, I'll go to Maple Bluff and find it out one time. I'll post what's inside, but I have to ask for a permission first!


Interesting. Want to go there. Stay there. Here I comes. There we have the suitable atmosphere for me. Thanks for this article. I like the places like these. I used to stay in these. I think this will be a great place which I never used to seen before.


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