Raise your hand if you are as excited as we are about Madison's Central library re-opening on September 21st.  It's looking pretty fabulous!  (Located next to the Overture)



09/04/2016 2:10pm

Indeed, I was super excited at its reopening! I could not wait to get my hands on all the books I have made a list of prior to its re-opening. Madisons's central library is on of the finests in town!

04/18/2017 4:59am

When it was announced that Madison's Central Library would be temporarily closed, I felt sad because that's one of my favorite places I usually go to. After waiting for almost five months, it's finally here again. This is really a good news not just for me, but to everyone who loves reading! I'll be reposting this news on my website so that many people would be aware of Madison's re-opening!


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