Dane County’s Distressed Property Index in June was 17.3 percent, well down from 23.9 percent in June 2012 and down a bit from the 19 percent posted in May 2013.

The index charts the prevalence of distressed properties — homes in or near foreclosure — as a proportion of monthly sales.

June's reading of 17.3 percent suggests well under a fifth of all home sales in Dane County that month were distressed.

Last year, the index fell in most months due to a steady decline in new foreclosure filings coupled with rising sales. And the index has continued to see year-over-year declines this year, now through at least June, after a very busy spring for home sales and as new foreclosures continue to drop.

But the index is still historically high, as the market works its way out of a backlog of distressed properties. In January 2006, before the housing crash, the index stood at 5 percent.

Dane County foreclosures increased between 2005 and 2010, when they peaked. Eventually, those properties hit the market for a resale attempt and some were bought, often at deeply discounted prices.

The trend since 2010, though, has been decreasing foreclosure filings, as the local market continues to strengthen. There may be fewer bargain buys available now, but it indicates a healthier market overall.



09/20/2016 4:35pm

I had no idea about this county and the info you have provided makes it sound well. I haven't had the opportunity so far to visit the place but I hope I do get it! I would love exploring it!

05/16/2017 7:04am

I'm glad to know that Dane country is in a good state right now. Every person would always want a peaceful and steady place, and I think that sets Dane country exceptional compare to other places! The photos are also amazing. Thank you for posting this article. I was inspired to pay a visit here and check if it suits my lifestyle!


Dane country has always been considered as one of the best places to settle in because of it calm vibe. Though the developer are currently facing some problems right now, rest assured that this will not affect the people living with the area and will continue the good service and experiences they've been offering to their people. I would still want to be settle there if my destiny permits!


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